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Stonehenge Summer Solstice Tour

This is the ultimate summer solstice Stonehenge experience!
See the sun set or rise during the summer solstice!

Only during a solstice can you see the pagan rituals taking place around the stones.

Experience the 2019 summer solstice at Stonehenge on a sunset or sunrise escorted excursion from London! The astrological celebration at the ancient site has become an annual pilgrimage for druids, sun worshipers and revelers who flock there to welcome the summer. Embrace the festival atmosphere during a sunset viewing on June 20th or a sunrise viewing on June 21st, and walk right inside the stone circle itself.

Solstice Tour Highlights:

  • Celebrate the 2018 summer solstice at Stonehenge on a tour from London or Bath
    Walk inside the UNESCO-listed stone circle and get up close to the ancient stones
    Soak up the festival ambiance and watch pagan celebrations taking place
    Choose from a sunset or sunrise viewing

What You Can Expect at the Solstice Celebrations

The summer solstice (or Litha) occurs when the Sun reaches its northernmost latitude, giving the most hours of daylight throughout the year. Traditionally, the event marks the first day of summer, and is celebrated all around the world. One of the most legendary solstice celebrations is held at Stonehenge because of its spiritual significance to druids, pagans and sun worshipers. So, join the crowds who flock to the ancient site and celebrate the 2019 summer solstice during your sunset or sunrise viewing.

The small group 'non-obtrusive' nature of this tour means you can have a real authentic experience, a great photo opportunity and valuable insight into ancient Britain.

We are offering two departure options for this special tour:

Depart central London at 4pm June 20th. Midi Coach Travel to Stonehenge with guide and spend 3 - 4 hours at the site / inside the circle and witness the sun setting, Druid Ceremony and festivities. Back to London at 1am

Depart central London at 1am June 21st. Midi Coach Travel to Stonehenge with guide and spend 3 - 4 hours at the site / inside the circle and witness the sun setting, Druid Ceremony and festivities. Back to London at 11am

For those of you who have not visited this sacred site, we should mention that the complex is roped off. Visitors observe the stones from a distance and are not permitted within the temple complex..........our 'Summer Solstice' tours allow you to be amongst the stones.

Price: £99 per adult (London departure)
(£89 per child aged 3-16 years)

We also offer a Bath departure - click here

(Includes return transport from London or Bath, expert guide services and entrance to Stonehenge)

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English Heritage provides Managed Open Access to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice and works closely with tour agencies, and people from all sectors of the community, in order to create a peaceful occasion - ensuring an event that can be safely enjoyed by all and protects Stonehenge and its surrounding Monuments

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