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If you have travelled with us before, we hope we have convinced you that our 'specialist' approach means you enjoy an expertly planned guided tours. For those who haven't travelled with us before, find out more about the 'Solstice Events U.K way'.

An award-winning provider of guided tours to Stonehenge and beyond. With over 15 years of experience conducting tours, Solstice Events U.K s is a family owned and operated business with a focus on creating tour experiences that are fun, informative and unforgettable.

Recognised for Excellence in U.K Tourism Customer Service, Solstice Events U.K operates small group tours with a maximum of just 33 people. We Pride ourselves on having the friendliest and most experienced tour directors and driver guides in Wiltshire and the west country.

We are transparent in everything we say and do meaning there are absolutely no hidden extras. And we stand by our commitment to creating fully inclusive touring. There are no surprises – except for the good ones.

'Solstice Events U.K' is a Market Leader in British Small Group Guided Tours.

We take care of every last detail ensuring all you have to do is to just turn up on the day. We’ve thought of everything, that’s because we live to travel. Our local U.K employees and Sonehenge guides are our expert eyes and ears to the newest experiences and our returning customers are our guarantee of the exceptional service we deliver.

We believe that your trip should be truly unforgettable, so we don't take any chances. The expert knowledge of all our specialists allows us to provide the best possible transport, expert local guides and excursions to suit your tastes and budget..


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English Heritage provides Managed Open Access to Stonehenge for the Solstice and works closely with tour agencies, and people from all sectors of the community, in order to create a peaceful occasion - ensuring an event that can be safely enjoyed by all and protects Stonehenge and its surrounding Monuments

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